The 'Admin Center' app is where you configure all your officeatwork Apps and Add-ins.

Admin Center
Office App Award Winner
Microsoft 365 App Certified

Designed for any browser

Supported Browsers

Any modern browser is currently supported


Please note:  Internet Explorer is not supported anymore.

Supported User Accounts

The  'Admin Center' supports the following user accounts:

Microsoft 365 Account

Please note:  Personal Microsoft accounts are not supported.


Organizational use

Use the following link to launch the 'Admin Center' in your browser:

After launching the 'Admin Center' you will be immediately taken to the Microsoft sign-in page where you need to use your Microsoft 365 account to sign in.


Use the 'Manage' buttons to manage the individual apps.

UI Translations


You can translate some UI experiences in your officeatwork Apps to offer your uses an app experience in their preferred language.


You can connect the Designer app with a translations list hosted in your SharePoint tenant.

Create a TRANSLATIONS list

You can create new or use any existing SharePoint list in your Microsoft 365 Tenant to act as your translations source for your officeatwork Apps. The only requirements you need to know are the following:


To connect a SharePoint list as your translations source click on the Manage button on the UI Translations pane. Paste the URL of your SharePoint list into the SharePoint List URL field. Click on Save to complete the step.

Please note:

The Admin Center needs a SharePoint read permission to validate your SharePoint List URL. In case that permission has not yet been granted you will see a 'Connect' button. Press that and complete the Grant flow to allow the Admin Center to read from your SharePoint tenant.


You can manage your translations using the native SharePoint UI for editing SharePoint lists.

Help Experience


You can customize the help experience your users will have in the officeatwork Apps and Add-Ins. This is mainly for larger organizations that have internal help facilities like a ticket system etc. Just click on the 'Manage' button on the Help Experience tile to configure the help options.

Standard officeatwork experience

This option will provide the standard links to officeatwork documentation, help-center, community etc.

Custom experience

With this option you can customize the help experience to show your own Documentation link, a link to your Support Ticket System and your Send Feedback link. Each option can be activated or deactivated separately.

Please note:

All the help options provided in the standard officeatwork help experience will not be available in the custom help experience mode.

No help experience

Selecting this option will remove the entire help experience in the officeatwork Apps and Add-ins.



officeatwork provides analytics support that will allow you to get insights into the usage of your assets and data used within the officeatwork Apps and Add-Ins. To capture this information you need to set up a data capturing stream that will allow the officeatwork Apps and Add-Ins to send your usage data into a storage location you own.

The attributes per event we provide are as follows:

  • action (Sample: 'Launched', 'Folder Loaded', 'Template Chosen', 'Document Creation Requested', etc.)

  • addInName (Sample: 'Template Chooser, 'Content Chooser', etc.)

  • assetExtension (Sample: 'docx', 'jpg', 'svg', 'html', 'xlsx', etc.)

  • assetId (Sample: '715IQYDHBZCGRAG5NOCVFIQUSBB7ITQ5LN' etc.)

  • assetName (Sample: 'Letter', 'Project Budget Sheet', 'Memorandum', etc.)

  • assetUrl (Sample: ''

  • hostApplication (Sample: 'Excel', 'Word', 'SharePoint', 'Browser', etc.)

  • hostPlatform (Sample: 'Windows', 'iOS', 'Mac', 'Web', etc.)

  • hostVersion (Sample: '', '2.27.709.0', '16.01', etc.)

  • sourceName (Sample: 'Corporate Templates', 'Sales Contents', etc.)

  • sourceType (Sample: 'OneDrive', 'Teams', 'SharePoint', 'Pixabay', etc.)

  • timestamp (Sample: 2018-10-11T12:27:22.205Z)

  • userDisplayName (Sample: 'Joe Miller', etc.)

  • userEmail (Sample: '')

  • userId (Sample: '43d7d85d-e05e-4adf-bd1f-691b0a53bb64', etc.)

Power BI

To gain insights into your officeatwork apps and Add-In usage via Power BI you need to follow these three basic steps:

  • Set up a Streaming Data Set in Power BI

  • Register your Streaming Data Set API URL for each of your officeatwork Add-Ins and Apps using the officeatwork Admin Center

  • Create Reports in Power BI

Setting up your Power BI Streaming Data Set in Power BI

Please check out the Power BI documentation to learn how to set up a streaming data set. The steps below will provide some important additional details you will need to take into account when creating your Streaming Data Set:

  • On any of your Power BI workspaces click the '+' button (top right corner) in Power BI to create a new streaming dataset!

  • For the source of your dataset choose API.

  • For Dataset name provide any name you wish. Sample: 'officeatwork-usage'.

  • Create a field for ALL attributes we offer (Sample: 'action', 'addInName', etc.). Make sure to choose 'DateTime' for the timestamp attribute and 'Text' for all others in the format dropdown.

  • Make sure to switch on 'Historic data analysis'.

  • Once created you can get the API info for your new streaming data set and copy the value from the 'Push URL' starting with ' '. You will need this in the second step!

Register your Streaming Data Set API URL for your officeatwork Apps and Add-Ins

Please make sure that before you start this step that you have the 'Push URL' form the previous step in your clipboard.

  • Launch the officeatwork Admin Center

  • Select the app on the left you want to configure (for example the 'Template Chooser').

  • Click the 'Manage' button on the 'Analytics' panel.

  • Paste the 'Push URL' into the 'Power BI streaming dataset API endpoint URL'.

  • Click 'Save' at the bottom of the pane.

  • Done.

Create Reports in Power BI

You can now go ahead and create as many reports in Power BI as you wish. Please be aware that you need to use one of the officeatwork Apps or Add-Ins after connecting your Power BI streaming dataset for your reports to showy any officeatwork usage data!