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Mail Signature for Outlook
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A simple way to automatically add personalized organizational branded mail signatures to all your email messages for all users across locations, devices and platforms.



In Outlook

Mail Signature Ribbon

The ‘Mail Signature’ App will appear automatically in the Message tab in Outlook. To launch the App, click on the ‘Organizational Signature’ button.

Please note:

The actual sign in experience is provided by Microsoft. officeatwork does not offer any user accounts. Users must use their existing accounts to sign in to the Add-In.

Signing In


To get started with this Add-In/App you need to connect it with your existing Microsoft 365 Work or School account or with your Personal Microsoft Account. Follow these steps:

Please note:

If your Office application supports SSO (Single sign-on) you will not see this welcome screen and be directly signed in to the officeatwork Add-in/App with the same account you signed into your Office application.


This Add-In accepts Microsoft 365 Work or School accounts. It also accepts Personal Microsoft Accounts including GitHub accounts.


The first time you connect the app, you might be asked to consent to the permissions required by the app. Please go through those permissions carefully and grant consent as the App requires these permissions to function. If you do not grant consent, the app will not work for you.

Please note:

Your IT administrator can pre-consent on behalf of all users. That way you and your fellow users would not have to consent each individually. Your IT administrators can learn more about pre-consenting here.

Inserting Organizational Signature


The Signature is created for you automatically when you create a new email or when you reply or forward an existing email. Clicking on the 'Organizational Signature' button in the Message ribbon will re-insert the signature.


With older Outlook for Windows version you might see the message ' (i) Please sign in to update your personalized signature. Open Pane | Dismiss this message'. This message will appear whenever the Mail Signature App could not silently sign in with the current user. Please press 'Open Pane' to trigger the sign-in process.

Please note:

The signature will always be inserted from a local cache. The cache will be re-calculated after each insertion. If a change to the signature is detected the signature will be re-inserted accordingly. This could lead to a quick flickering of the signature in your email message.

Editing Signature Template


The mail signature template can be edited using our officeatwork Admin Center App.